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What is an Audiogram?

An audiogram is an audio wave animation. It is a powerful social media marketing tool for your podcasts.

You can add texts and images to your audiogram to create compelling social media content. This will make it easy for you to promote your podcast, especially on social media.

How an Audiogram Helps your Podcast

Have you ever watched a movie trailer and decided right there that you were going to see the movie?

Or has the preview of a book influenced your decision to read it or not?

Think of audiograms as the ''trailers'' for podcasts. An audiogram helps to promote your podcast. It pairs a selected portion of your podcast audio with a waveform that makes that clip easy to share on social platforms.


With audiograms, you can add images to audio. You can also add captions (subtitles) to the audio from the podcast. Studies have shown that most social media consumption is done on silent mode. This implies that, by default, mobile social media apps play video clips with muted sound (e.g., Instagram and YouTube). Hence, you need to click on that clip to hear the sound.

A muted clip can play for 3 to 5 seconds while the user browses through their timeline. Therefore, you need to raise the user's interest to click on your audiogram. To get their attention, you will need a catchy phrase or sentence from the podcast to serve as a subtitle to your audiogram. This will give it more visibility. Audiograms are such a useful marketing tool. They grab your audience's attention and provide them with a sneak peek of what your episode has to offer.

Apps like podvideo are remarkable for creating audiograms that will catch people's attention. You'll need to upload your recorded audio, trim, and edit it to create your audiogram. The simplicity of the app makes it a great one to use.

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