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What is a Podcast?

Simply put, a podcast is an audiogram (audio program) on the internet. It's just like Talk Radio, but you subscribe to it on your smartphone and listen to it whenever you like.

Here are some easy steps to follow when setting up a podcast.

STEP 1: Come Up with A Concept

A topic or theme is essential. Try to narrow down your topic to something you can speak about for several episodes. For example, mental health.

STEP 2: Design A Graphics

Design a catchy graphics or artwork, or that will attract people to your podcast. It would serve as an excellent marketing feature.

STEP 3: Choose Your Podcast Style

Some podcasts have a single host, some have co-hosts, others have scripted stories, and some feature in-depth interviews. You can choose anyone you prefer.

STEP 4: Recording

You can record your podcast with just a phone and a pair of headphones. Most people will overlook your sound quality if you provide excellent content on your podcast.

STEP 5: Editing

Once you've recorded your podcast, it's time to edit and make adjustments. This would help you to get the best sound quality possible. While there are options to edit your podcast on your smartphone, the small screens aren't always optimal for sound editing.

In addition, here are some free helpful software apps to edit your podcast: Audacity, Garageband, Zoom, and Skype. Then make an audiogram and promote your podcast with podvideo app.

Good luck!

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